Working with “” it is always a pleasure

Locations, concept (alien invasion), photographs and retouching where made by me.

BTW, we only had 1 lamp of each model when we did the photo shoots. To make possible the “alien invasion” we had to do multiple shoots changing the position of the lamps. This was a difficult task, specially for the outdoors shoots, because the pictures were taken at dusk, so we use to start with full light and finish the session at completely darkness. That made to Photoshop work a little bit more difficult. did a good work helping with the production: they design a battery so at least we could move easily and outdoors the lamp that we were shooting.

Thanks Christo Logan (designer and owner of two.lamps) for all the help, support and patience!!!



‘’ is the inaugural lighting collection of new york-based designer christo logan. the pendant lights are manufactured in ceramic with the aid of 3D printing technologies, which allowed for the creation of complex, hollow structures with internal infrastructure. LED light sources, wiring, and connection hardware are all hidden within the smooth, glazed ceramic shell. each piece is available in seven colors (ceramic and cord) and are made to order in new york.