When my good friend Michaela was pregnant I saw her and I knew I had to do a photo shoot with her.
I was looking for something elegant and simple. I had clear in my mind that I wanted something very typical and classic, but not in the way of the pregnancy magazines photography style, but more like the covers of magazines with famous models or actresses pregnant like Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford… in Vogue, Vanity Fair… I was looking for different ideas and locations when I saw this pink wall in my parents in law´s apartment and I knew it was going to be perfect for her. I really like portraits where the subject and background have even tones and colors, and in this case I love it!

As usual, I counted with the incredible talent of Carolina Restrepo, who did not only the natural and beautiful make up and hair of this series but also the beautiful body painting that you will see on the last picture.

Working with Michalea was really cool, because having a friend posing for you in a matter as important as pregnancy is, always produce a special connection between them and the camera (lets say than the non professionals models take it very seriously because they really want to register that special moment) and I love that. Michaela also surprised me for her talent posing, something that is not as easier as it looks, and not common among regular people. Thank you very much Michaela!


NOTE: These pictures have not been retouched at all. Everything is organic, not adulterated, free of additives, absolutely NoN GMO. Just beauty, professionalism and good light. Our products are the result of a combination of circumstances that are only possible in a company that treat the models and the rest of the team with all the love and respect. We think the human factor is strictly necessary to produce the best of the best pictures.

– The making of these images was possible thanks to: Carolina Restrepo (MUAH)