NOTE: I highly recommend playing the song SOMEWHERE while viewing the photograph: To do that, please just go back to the bold tittle of the song and click on it (a new tab will open with the song playing on Youtube), then go back here while the video is playing.


Tony: I- I didn’t believe hard enough.
Maria: Loving is enough.
Tony: Not here. They won’t let us be.
Maria: Then we’ll run away.
Tony: Yeah, we can.
Maria: Yes.
Tony: We will…
Maria: [singing] Hold my hand and we are halfway there, hold my hand and I’ll take you there. Somehow! Someday! Some…

– The making of these images was possible thanks to: Carolina Restrepo (MUAH), Maria Jose Sanchez Uribe (model, make up and concept) and Sara Murado (photographer’s assistant.)