I met Jonathan at school. He rescued me, I was the “godo” (goth) of the class: I moved to live at the Canary Islands when I was 12 to 19, and the people from the Iberian Peninsula are called there, in a pejorative way, godos. At the beginning It was a fight every day.

He was, and he is, a really nice guy, legal and open. He took me since the beginning, under his wing. We had good times (especially drawing, skating or hovering on the subject of music: me, as a listener, of course).

He is a friend of those that can be said one in a lifetime. Thanks to him I opted for the photo, because meeting him made me realize that I wasn’t an enough good draftsman: Damn! his drawings for that time were good!

But this period, also helped me to face the world of fine arts and demystify this nonsense: “I was born to…” Everybody is good enough, for any discipline, if they work on it with passion and if they spend enough time and have patience.
So I owe Jonathan, indirectly, many things. Even I owe him tuck his head down on a garbage can, he he he.

It was not strange, therefore, that joy invaded me when I find Jonathan, after a few years without seeing him very much, and he invited me to be the photographer for his last project. Of course I accepted!

He is a musician, and he needed the photographs for his last album: cover, inside and back of the album.

Pretty happy, I did this work only with one portable flash (Metz 45 with no remote triggers) and a car’s headlights, plus 2 4500w portable garden spotlights (those that give you a horrible warm light, and seem to produce much light, but in reality they produce nothing). I had to work with this kind of lights, because I had some equipment with me there, but just a little, because I was on vacation in La Palma in the Canary Islands.

The location were inside of a water tank, empty. The work was made in an afternoon and evening and it was cold. People only were able to come that day. It was tough because I thought having more lights and other kind of lights, and I had no time for preliminary sketches, essays… It was one of these sessions in where as the Spanish people say “here I catch you, here I’ll kill you”. My neurons worked hard. But I think it was worth it, because I remain very happy with the result.