I’m launching my new diptych series, GENDER, with Marco. Marco is a talented model, actor, dancer and singer who I met via Model Mayhem. Neither my team nor I were expecting such a great work session as we had with Marco.Thank you for all the creativity and enthusiasm that you brought to the shoot!

Working with models like Marco makes a photographer’s life much easier, and brings to the photographs something special that only talented and hard-working people can give.

I am very grateful to Carolina (my great friend and make up artist) for her splendid work with Marco: these pictures are not Photoshop-retouched at all, I only played with the intensity of tones, color an sharp filter, everything else is as shot.

I have already shot other models for these series, but I have been really busy with other work, so it is going to take me some time to prepare and publish the next batch. I promise I’ll do it soon. For this project I will also publish the alternate takes: those photos that did not make the cut, but I still consider worth showing.


NOTE: These pictures have not been retouched at all. Everything is organic, not adulterated, free of additives, absolutely NoN GMO. Just beauty, professionalism and good light. Our products are the result of a combination of circumstances that are only possible in a company that treat the models and the rest of the team with all the love and respect. We think the human factor is strictly necessary to produce the best of the best pictures.

– The making of these images was possible thanks to: Carolina Restrepo (Make up and hair),, Marco Palou (model) and Luisa Puerta (Stylist)