I present to you this mysterious image that I made while I was doing my Film Noir series. I gave it to my good friend and writer Julio Teruel, who wrote this little story inspired by the image. I hope you enjoy it.

You can follow his work on his blog (I’m sorry but it’s only written in Spanish).


Mientras entraba en su apartamento de la calle E notó un escalofrío en la nuca. El que experimentas cuando alguien te está mirando y, qué cosa más extraña, lo sientes. Las miradas se sienten, aunque no las veas.

Se giró, claro, y allí estaba ella. ¿Cuánto tiempo sin verla? ¿Cuánto tiempo sin percibirla? ¿Cuánto tiempo deseando toparse con ella?
¿Cuánto tiempo llevaba ahí, en las escaleras, esperando, espiando?

Y ahora que por fin sus ojos ya no la buscaban porque no hacía falta, pues estaba ahí, frente a él, sintió terror. No era la mirada por la que suspiraba.



As he was walking into his apartment on E Street, he felt a shiver on the back of his neck. It was the kind of shiver you experience when somebody is looking at you and, strangely enough, you feel it. You can feel a gaze, even if you don’t see it.

He turned around, of course, and there she was. How long since he last saw her? How long since he last felt her? How long had he been wishing to happen upon her?

How long had she been there, on the stairs, waiting, spying?

And now that his eyes weren’t looking for her anymore because there was no reason, as she was there, in front of him, he felt terror. It wasn’t the look he longed for.


– The making of this image was possible thanks to: Sara Murado (model), Josafat Concepción (wardrobe Stylist) and Carolina Restrepo (MUAH)