I don’t know exactly why, but I love this image. I know that the reality probably is far from what I’m going to say, but the fact is that it reminds me of Richard Avedon’s work. I don’t know if this is due to the pose of the model (Elisa did a really great job!), the make-up and hair (thanks Carolina for your good work once again!), the simplicity of the image, the kind of light which is similar to some of his images, the composition, or what, but I’m proud to achieve an image that is, OK let’s be honest, just 15% of an Avedon photograph.

Of course is not an amazing image for something special, the composition is not so great, the light is not difficult and not even perfect if we look closely at the technique, the model is not a top model, etc. But all these things together make for a simple but very direct, frank, effective and, I think, good portrait. I’m very proud of the team and of myself, just because I like it, and sometimes that is enough for me. In this case I hope you like it also, but if you don’t, that’s fine because this time I don’t need anything else.

It was just a single image that I took while we where doing the Film Noir Series (Carolina Restrepo and Josafat Concepcion were my team for these shots). I gave it to my good friend and writer Julio Teruel, who wrote this little story inspired by the image. I hope you enjoy it.

Julio Teruel is an usual contributor to the blog. You are going to read more stories from him here as long as he is willing to collaborate. And if you are interested in his amazing and engaging stories you can follow his work on his blog (I’m sorry but it’s only written in Spanish).


She knew she would have to wait for him. Of course she knew. She had been ready for the party for a while now. She went to the hairdresser’s at seven o’clock, she made herself up calmly, taking over the bathroom, she chose the dress with the starring neckline and odd hook at the neck, and she settled on the black coat.
But he was still writing, still in his pajamas, still promising that he was almost done.
It was that same night that she realized their relationship was grey, much like the walls in her husband’s office, a husband that she now doubted if she had chosen with the same level of interest as her dress.



Sabía que tendría que esperarle. Claro que lo sabía. Ella llevaba ya un rato preparada para la fiesta. Había ido a la peluquería a las siete, se maquilló con calma acaparando el baño, eligió el vestido de escote protagonista y curioso enganche al cuello, y se decidió por el abrigo negro.
Pero él seguía escribiendo, aún en pijama, y prometiendo que le quedaba poco.
Fue esa misma noche cuando descubrió que aquella relación era gris, como la pared del despacho de ese marido que ya no sabía si había elegido con el mismo interés que el vestido.

– The making of these images was possible thanks to: Carolina Restrepo (MUAH), Elisa Buel (model) and Josafat Concepción (wardrobe Stylist)