It wasn’t my idea to take these photos. I was tired, drunk and wet to the bone. It was Christmas eve’s night, around 3 am.

After a delicious soiree with a lot of oysters, serrano ham, cheese, a couple of Martinis, wine, champagne and tequila, I decided I should head home. A&J, thanks for such a delightful night!

Outside was raining and I had to ride my bicycle back home, but I didn’t really care, I was happy in some way.

It wasn’t my idea to take these pictures but I promised to myself I’ll start to bring my camera everywhere. So I was there, it was Christmas eve. The street was empty, the road was wet and beautiful. I was drunk but I had to fulfill a promise and I had all the way back home to do it. So I just followed the light.

Also, I’m still trying my new Sony A7 with my also new Zeiss 35mm f2.8. Thanks Guillermo for such a good present! So it was a good opportunity to try the camera at high ISO, so here is the result.