These are the first few color photographs that I took in the US. They were shot in New York, Massachusetts and California, during a summer trip with Sara more than ten years ago. They were the beginning of a series on the “American Way of Life,” which I will now be able to pick up again, since I live in New York.

Sorry about the fuzzy quality and weird colors of some of the images, they were scanned from the original prints with a low-quality scanner that had a strong magenta dominance and blurred the resulting image. Thankfully, the originals were shot with Kodachrome slide film, which had those beautiful and rich red tones. Thanks to that the image quality is still salvageable after all that crap tech manipulation. It’s really a shame that Kodak film is no longer in the market, because it made some very special images.

Note: I no longer have access to the original prints to re-scan them, because they are in Madrid.